lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2015


When you are visiting La Paz, Bolivia, you probably are expecting to see high mountains, snow, altiplano's views and high altitude landscapes. You hardly imagine to find, so close to La Paz City, an incredible place as Coroico.

Coroico is located at only 1700 meters under the see level and has a wet, semi tropical weather. Surrounded by high mountains.

You can take a bus or a taxi to Coroico, it takes about 2 hours to get there from La Paz. The road takes you out off La Paz crossing "La Cumbre", a +5000 meters mountain cross, and then descending fast to a place described by a mix of high mountains and Amazonian forest.

 Coroico is a small and quiet little town. There are, close to Coroico, some natural waterfalls you can visit. They are not son big, but it worth to visit them.

If you enjoy wonderful views, nature, pure water, clean and oxygenated air you will love to visit Coroico.

You can enjoy wonderful views all around Coroico.

Near to Coroico there are coffee and coca crops, you can also find excellent pure honey made without industrialization processes. 

In Coroico you will find many hotels. The offer can go from very nature like hotels until standard and comfortable hotels. Here I post some pictures of my favourite one, the Gloria Hotel.

You can make reservations in the Booking system and others hotel reservations web services. You have a excellent breakfast included in the rate, swimming pool, rest places, terrace, parking place, Internet WiFi (the service could be intermittent), kids place and a great view of mountains.

Visit Bolivia! .... you will enjoy it for sure!

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domingo, 5 de abril de 2015

Cochabamba Urban Art

Cochabamba is a beautiful medium sized city in the heart of Bolivia. This hole year good weather city is famous for gastronomy.

This are some street walls that have been painted anonymously and are a good show of urban art.

This mural is located in Av. Oquendo and  Federico Blanco Street,

This mural is located in Av. Heroinas and España street, next to the Achá theatre.

This two murals are located inside a passage close to Plazuela Quintanilla and La Paz street.

Visit Cochabamba! .... you'd love it.

Samaipata - Bolivia

Samaipata is an amazing place to visit in Bolivia. This place is located close to the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, you can get there in a couple of hours by road. The road is in good conditions the most of the year.

In Samaipata you will find beautiful views from everywhere. You will be able to see the Amazon's rain forest, the Chaco's forest and the Valleys forest. The town is peaceful and comfortable, it has all the resources for tourists. It is ideal for relax and rest.

Samaipata is a great energy place. You have to visit "El fuerte", a ancient archaeological site. You will find Inca ruins and the place is fascinating. But what is realy amazing is the giant carved rock that is on the top of "El fuerte". There are no much investigations and who has carved this rock and why remains in mystery. This fascinates all ancient alien investigators. Some investigators think that Incas has make the hundreds of designs found in the rock, but I think that Incas has just found it done.

Another fascinating fact is how big was the Inca empire in this continent, Samaipata is very far away from another Inca locations.  

Samaipata is a place you must visit.


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