domingo, 5 de abril de 2015

Samaipata - Bolivia

Samaipata is an amazing place to visit in Bolivia. This place is located close to the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, you can get there in a couple of hours by road. The road is in good conditions the most of the year.

In Samaipata you will find beautiful views from everywhere. You will be able to see the Amazon's rain forest, the Chaco's forest and the Valleys forest. The town is peaceful and comfortable, it has all the resources for tourists. It is ideal for relax and rest.

Samaipata is a great energy place. You have to visit "El fuerte", a ancient archaeological site. You will find Inca ruins and the place is fascinating. But what is realy amazing is the giant carved rock that is on the top of "El fuerte". There are no much investigations and who has carved this rock and why remains in mystery. This fascinates all ancient alien investigators. Some investigators think that Incas has make the hundreds of designs found in the rock, but I think that Incas has just found it done.

Another fascinating fact is how big was the Inca empire in this continent, Samaipata is very far away from another Inca locations.  

Samaipata is a place you must visit.


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