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When you are visiting La Paz, Bolivia, you probably are expecting to see high mountains, snow, altiplano's views and high altitude landscapes. You hardly imagine to find, so close to La Paz City, an incredible place as Coroico.

Coroico is located at only 1700 meters under the see level and has a wet, semi tropical weather. Surrounded by high mountains.

You can take a bus or a taxi to Coroico, it takes about 2 hours to get there from La Paz. The road takes you out off La Paz crossing "La Cumbre", a +5000 meters mountain cross, and then descending fast to a place described by a mix of high mountains and Amazonian forest.

 Coroico is a small and quiet little town. There are, close to Coroico, some natural waterfalls you can visit. They are not son big, but it worth to visit them.

If you enjoy wonderful views, nature, pure water, clean and oxygenated air you will love to visit Coroico.

You can enjoy wonderful views all around Coroico.

Near to Coroico there are coffee and coca crops, you can also find excellent pure honey made without industrialization processes. 

In Coroico you will find many hotels. The offer can go from very nature like hotels until standard and comfortable hotels. Here I post some pictures of my favourite one, the Gloria Hotel.

You can make reservations in the Booking system and others hotel reservations web services. You have a excellent breakfast included in the rate, swimming pool, rest places, terrace, parking place, Internet WiFi (the service could be intermittent), kids place and a great view of mountains.

Visit Bolivia! .... you will enjoy it for sure!

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